2020 W-2 Information



Concord Community School District is pleased to offer employees the convenience of receiving their W‐2 statement electronically in an IRS approved format. All employees will be able to receive their Form W-2 in January via a secure email in just the same manner as they receive their payroll deposit advice. Additionally, employees will have online access to their Form W-2 through Employee Self Service (ESS).

Benefits of Receiving Form W-2 Electronically

There are multiple benefits to receiving an electronic Form W-2:

  • Earlier access to the Form W-2.

  • No possibility an employee's Form W-2 might be lost, stolen, delayed or misplaced by the U.S mail service or by the employee, once received.

  • Convenient access via email and also through the same easy-to-use, secure web site at which an employee can access his/her wage and general account information.

Disclosure Notices

An employee may view their Form W-2 electronically in late January 2020 using any computer with internet access by using their email on record with Concord Community Schools, in the same manner, they view their electronic pay advice, or through ESS by following the steps listed below under the section “Instructions to Electronically Access your Form W-2”. The W-2 statements will remain available on ESS for at least 5 years.

An employee who receives their W-2 electronically may print the W-2 if it is required to be attached to any of his/her tax return documents. Please consult with your tax advisor, but this would usually be limited to the employee’s federal tax return Form 1040 if filed as a hard copy, and any local income tax return if applicable (e.g., City of Jackson).

An employee who chooses to receive his/her Form W-2 electronically can also request to be sent a paper copy of the W-2 by contacting Christina Dishaw in the Finance Office at 936-2828 or Christina.dishaw@jcisd.org. Requesting a paper copy will not change the employee's consent for electronic delivery of future W-2 statements.

An employee may change the delivery method of their W-2 statement at any time. To do so, an employee must follow the steps indicated below under the “Instructions to Change your W-2 Delivery Method”. An employee's change will be effective on the date received and any such change will only be effective for those W-2 statements not yet issued. The Finance Office will confirm in writing or by e-mail with the employee the effective date of the change.

Employees will promptly be notified of any contact information changes.

Instructions to Electronically Access your Form W-2
Once you consent to receive your W-2 electronically, you may access it by completing the following steps:

  • Go to https://concord.munisselfservice.com/login.aspx

  • Click on Login to ESS and enter your ID number and password.

  • Click on "Employee Self Service" then choose "Pay/Tax Information" and then "W-2".

  • Select the tax year for the corresponding W-2.

  • Click on “View W-2 image”

Instructions to Change your W-2 Delivery Method

  • Click on Login to ESS and enter your ID number and password.

  • Click on "Employee Self Service" then choose “Personal Information”.

  • Click on the blue change link above W-2 delivery method to select your delivery preference.

  • Click update.

For any additional questions, please contact Christina Dishaw at 936-2828 or Christina.dishaw@jcisd