Concord Schools
Concord Community Schools

405 S. Main St

PO Box 338

Concord, Michigan  49237

Phone:  (517) 524-8850

Fax:      (517) 524-8613

Dan Funston, Superintendent




District Phone Numbers
Administrative Office
(517) 524-8850
(517) 524-8613
Dan Funston, Superintendent
Elementary Office 
(517) 524-6650    
(517) 524-7680
Matt Lehman, Principal
Middle School Office 
(517) 524-8854
(517) 524-7324
Matt Lehman, Principal
High School Office
(517) 524-8384 
(517) 524-6196
Cheryl Price, Principal
(517) 524-8865
(517) 524-8613
Scott Stoner
Food Service
(517) 524-8131
Alan Breneman


Concord Community Schools was established in 1835. The Concord school district covers approximately 70 square miles in western Jackson County and has a staff of 90 people working together to serve the needs of approximately 825 K-12 students. 


Our Mission

The Concord Community Schools, together with families and the community, will provide all students with resources in a safe environment to nurture a passion for lifelong learning, social responsibility and the confidence to identify and pursue their goals.


Our Vision

All Concord Community Schools students will attain the knowledge, skills and achievement levels needed to fulfill their potential.



Beliefs - The Core Values that Drive our Vision

  • Working with the whole person 
  • Ensuring that learning has a purpose
  • Engaging in self-evaluation for continuous improvement
  • Providing a safe environment where diversity is valued
  • Every individual, as an independent thinker, being capable and responsible for his or her own learning
  • Every individual's positive behavior choices enhancing the learning environment
  • Every individual feeling a sense of community and pride in our district




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