The Counseling Center

Among the challenges for young people are establishing a personal identity, developing independence, expanding personal relationships, and exploring ones talents and abilities. For students, these can be very confusing times and may interfere with their success at school. As school counselors, we provide short-term counseling to students and consultation to parents and school staff regarding these student issues.

Counselors listen as individuals are assisted in clarifying their thoughts and feelings about their circumstances, in developing and exploring various options and possible consequences. Also, counselors help in selecting realistic and constructive courses of action that will provide students with the skills and understanding to cope with these challenges.

When will your child see the counselor?

-Periodic group and individual advising to assist in educational planning

-Small group discussions covering various emotional and academic topics

-Individual counseling as a result of student, parent, or school staff request.

-Career counseling


What is said between a counselor and client, whether that is a student, parent, or family member, stays confidential with some exceptions:

-The client and counselor agree that some information needs to be shared with another person

-The counselor feels that there is clear and present danger regarding the physical well being of the client or another person

-The client informs the counselor that he/she is the unreported victim of sexual or physical abuse or any other violation of the Child Protection Law.