The Golden Note Award

This award honors the top student in the beginning band.

2019: Paige Morris

The Director’s Award for Band

This award honors the top student in the middle school band.

2018-2019: Tyson Walker
1997-1998: Nicole Hunt
1996-1997: Jon Haba
1995-1996: Audra Leininger
1994-1995: Laurel English
1993-1994: Todd Sparks
1992-1993: Christina Jordon
1991-1992: Becky Whittaker
1990-1991: Michael Peters
1988-1989: Ginger Rowlison
1987-1988: Lisa Dobbins
1986-1987: Robbie Windle
1985-1986: Richard Kulas

USMC Semper Fidelis Band Award

Concord High School, along with the United States Marine Corps, give out the Semper Fidelis Band Award. This award is given to recognize an outstanding band member who exhibits diligence, dedication, and musical excellence.

2019: Lynzy Cornell, Isabelle Railer

4-Year Senior Band Award

This award is given to a senior band member who demonstrates outstanding musical ability. This award represents a high level of achievement on a wind or percussion instrument and the use of this ability to increase the quality of the Concord High School Band. The recipient of this award is someone who has participated in various CHS Band activities and performances, and has also shown a genuine commitment to the CHS Bands.

2019-2020: Ashley Booth
2018-2019: Claire Radecki
2005-2006: Steven Ball
2000-2001: Jessica Fleet
1999-2000: Jason Jones
1998-1999: Courtney McGee
1997-1998: Mike Bradley

John Philip Sousa Award

This national award to honors the top student in the high school band, the John Philip Sousa Band Award recognizes superior musicianship and outstanding dedication. It was created with the approval of Helen Sousa Albert and Priscilla Sousa, daughters of the famous composer and bandmaster.

2019-2020: Luke Holt
2018-2019: Sondra Sewell
2017-2018: Sarah Strouss
2016-2017: Heather Wirebaugh
2001-2002: Nicole Hunt
1999-2000: Jennie Haba
1998-1999: Courtney McGee & Jennifer Neill
1997-1998: Chris Neill
1996-1997: Christina Jordon
1995-1996: Kimberly Neill
1994-1995: Michael D. Peters
1993-1994: Alicia Maitland & David VanWyck
1992-1993: Steffany Comfort
1991-1992: Liz Kline
1990-1991: Liz Kline
1988-1989: Erin Bradner
1987-1988: Robert Ratyl
1986-1987: Rena Brandner
1985-1986: Wendy Osborn
1983-1984: Mary Dulmage
1982-1983: Carol Haughey
1981-1982: Cynthia Campbell
1980-1981: Debbie Pardee