Concord Community Schools
Parent/Teacher Organization


The name of the organization shall be the Concord Community Schools Parent/Teacher Organization or Concord PTO.


The Concord PTO shall strive to:

  1. Provide a vehicle for communication among students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community for the purpose of supporting and improving the educational environment at Concord Community Elementary and Middle Schools.
  2. Provide opportunities for educational, informational, and extracurricular programs and activities to promote a sense of community by creating family events and long-term traditions.


Every parent or guardian who has a child enrolled in Concord Community Elementary and Middle Schools and all staff members shall have full and automatic rights of free membership.


  1. The officers, also known as Council, shall consist of a president or two co-presidents, a vice president or two co-vice presidents, a secretary, a treasurer, one or more relations coordinators, RIF coordinator, and a Book Fair Chairperson. Their terms of office shall be for one year commencing June 1 and ending the following May 31.
  2. Officers may serve a maximum of three consecutive years in each elected position.
  3. An additional one-year term of office shall be allowed only provided there is no one else nominated to fill a position.


  1. The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers, the Elementary Principal, the Middle School Principal, and the Parent/Teacher Grade Representatives and committee chairpersons as defined by the Council.
  2. Representatives include up to two teachers or other members for each grade level from Kindergarten through Eighth grade.
  3. Term of representatives shall be one year, commencing June 1 and ending the following May 31.


  1. Nominations:
    At the regular February meeting, the president shall appoint a nomination committee whose function will be to submit a slate of nominees for each office position. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the regular April and May meetings, provided the nominee is present to indicate his/her willingness to serve. An ad seeking self-nominations or volunteers should be placed in the Concord Community Schools publication and other school newsletters prior to the slating of officers.
    Only those persons who are members of Concord PTO, or parents of incoming Kindergarten through 8th grade students who have indicated their willingness to serve, if elected, may be nominated for office.
  2. Elections:
    Elections shall be held each school year at the regular May meeting. The elections will be by secret written ballot if there is more than one candidate slated for any one position. Only those members present at the May meeting shall be eligible to vote.
  3. Vacancies:
    If for some unforeseen reason, an Officer is unable to fulfill the duties of office to which he or she has been elected, that person shall promptly notify the remaining officers. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the president, the vice president shall assume the office of president. In the case of co-presidents, the remaining co-president may finish the term alone or request the council appoint one of its members to fill the vacancy.


President/Co-Presidents: The president/co-presidents shall perform the following duties:

  1. Establish meeting agendas and to communicate said items to members prior to the meeting dates.
  2. Preside at meetings.
  3. Consult with Elementary and Middle School Principals on all functions.
  4. Appoint committee chairs and assist with filling committees, as well as represent Concord PTO at school and community events.

Vice President/Co-Presidents:

  1. The vice president or co-president shall perform the functions of the president in the presidents absence.
  2. Coordinate special activities and events.
  3. Coordinate all fundraising activities.
  4. Solicit volunteers for the various events and activities sponsored by the Concord PTO.


  1. Take and preserve minutes of all regular and special meetings of Concord PTO.
  2. Keep an accurate record of all action items, including the name of the person(s) responsible and target or due dates
  3. Provide copies of the minutes to the Executive Board within one week after the meeting.
  4. Meet with the School Board or other committee each Spring to plan PTO meeting and event dates and ensure inclusion on the school calendar.
  5. Conduct all correspondence (including PTO meeting reminders, thank you notes, condolences, flowers, congratulations.).


  1. Work with the President or Co-Presidents to develop a preliminary budget to be presented at the first meeting of the school year.
  2. Keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements pertinent to the activities of concord PTO.
  3. Make deposits on behalf of Concord PTO at the Concord Community Schools Administrative Office.
  4. Reconcile balance with Administrative Office recorded balance each month.
  5. Present a statement of account at each PTO meeting.
  6. Give an annual report at the last meeting of the school year.
  7. Be authorized to make purchases of $30.00 or less without approval from the Officers.
  8. Make the books and records available for audit at the end of the term of office.

Relations Coordinator/Co-Relations Coordinators:

  1. Assist vice president with organizing Concord PTO events and fundraisers.
  2. Work with the vice president to obtain volunteers.
  3. Communicate the dates, times, and nature of events and PTO meetings to parents, school, and community members.
  4. Write or secure articles and photos about various PTO activities at the school and provide them to the Concord Community Schools Spotlight and other local newspapers.
  5. Notify the press or other forms of media coverage of pertinent Concord PTO events.

RIF Coordinator:

  1. Establish guidelines for Reading is Fundamental (RIF) book distributions.
  2. Complete required paperwork for the continuation of government monies.
  3. Coordinate with Relations Coordinator for volunteers to assist with book distributions.
  4. Select and order books for RIF distributions.

Book Fair Coordinator:

  1. Establish a minimum of two book fairs during the school year.
  2. Organize delivery and pickup dates with Book Fair vendor.
  3. Work with CES Librarian to schedule facility and getting marketing info to students.
  4. Work with Relations Coordinator to solicit volunteers to help during fairs.
  5. Coordinate with Treasurer to deposit fair monies.
  6. Complete financial paperwork, and submit check requests to pay vendor.

Grade Representatives:

  1. Attend regular meetings of the Concord PTO.
  2. Communicate classroom activity, concerns and needs.
  3. Assist as volunteers at PTO events and activities.


  1. There shall be eight regular Concord PTO meetings per year that are open to all members. Meetings will be held in September, October, November, January, February, March, April, and May.
  2. Meetings will take place every third Tuesday at 7:00 PM unless otherwise communicated to members.
  3. General meetings shall occur with proper notification to the PTO membership including parents, teachers, principals, and school board as planned by the council.
  4. The President or Co-Presidents may call special meetings when necessary. Reasons for special meeting include the following:

a. Summer planning
b. Event planning
c. Fundraising
d. Open House
e. Board meetings
f. Other meetings as deemed necessary


A quorum shall consist of a minimum of four members; at least two must be officers.


  1. A committee comprised of the President and Treasurer shall develop an annual budget for the upcoming year prior to the September regular meeting. The outgoing President or Treasurer may serve as advisors to this committee.
  2. The annual budget shall be presented and approved at the regular September meeting of the Concord PTO.
  3. Any expenditure of funds that has not been included in the approved budget must be presented and approved at any regular meeting by a quorum of the membership.
  4. The president shall have the right to appoint an auditor or auditing committee, before May 31 to audit the financial records and accounts. The results of the audit shall be presented to the Concord PTO at the September regular meeting.


  1. The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the council at any regular meeting, provided the quorum is met. Advance written notice to all members of any amendments to the By-Laws is required.
  2. By-Laws shall be reviewed annually and reaffirmed or amended.


The active president can motion for dissolution of the Concord PTO. A special meeting will be called to facilitate proceedings. Members will be notified of meeting date and reasonable explanation for the motion. Dissolution can occur with 2/3 vote by the Executive Board and attending members. Upon dissolution of the Concord PTO, all remaining funds shall be divided equally to Concord Community Elementary and Middle School.