Purpose:  Your resume is used like a business card in that it should set you apart. It summarizes things about you that are

important to colleges, and includes information usually not seen on college applications. Your resume should not exceed two pages.


Instructions: Your resume should contain the heading and topics exactly as listed below. Ask your family and/or relatives for help.  It should be saved and updated frequently. Make multiple copies and use them for college visits, applications, recommendations, interviews and scholarships.

         Your Full Name

Complete Street Address

City, State     Zip Code

Home Phone Number and E-Mail Address


Scho   School, Grade and Graduation Year:


           Cumulative GPA:


Best   ACT or SAT:                Leave blank if not taken  


           Five Words That

           Describe Me:


           Current Career Goal(s):         Do not leave blank.  You should list one or more. Either be specific (examples: engineer,

                                                            business owner, accountant, nurse, doctor, lawyer, teacher, coach, counselor, researcher,

                                                            mechanic, paralegal, firefighter, etc.), or general (examples: math-related, English-related,

                                                            biology-related, history-related, Spanish-related, music-related, art-related, sports-related,

                                                            health-related, computer-related, etc.).


           Passion(s):                                Crucial category! List and describe 1-3 passions in detail (4-5 lines each).

                                                            ● Colleges look for academic or any other school or nonschool activities, interests, talents,

                                                               skills, jobs or hobbies that demonstrate your long-term commitment, steps to excellence,

                                                               leadership, and making a difference.  Be sure to show how each of these four factors are

                                                               helping to strengthen each passion.  Passions can be solitary or group-based.

                                                            ● Try to connect one of your passions with your Current Career Goal(s) listed above.


           Other Strong Interest(s):        List and briefly describe (1-2 lines each) your other strong interest(s).


           Leadership Role(s)

           In or Out of School:                List and briefly describe your main leadership role(s). If none, do not list it.

           Volunteerism:                          List and briefly describe you main voluntary activity(s). If none, do not list it.

           Summer Activities:                  For each summer, list the year, your most notable activity, and description.

           Job(s):                                      List and briefly describe your main job(s). If none, do not list topic.


           Award(s):                                 List and briefly describe your main award(s). If none, do not list topic.

                                                 Note:   The most selective colleges look for state, regional and national awa
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